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One by One, Social Workers Change the World

Alumni Stories

Who are Baylor social workers and how do they impact the world? Take a few moments to meet five alumni who are changing the world one life, one family, one congregation, and one community at a time.

If you are an alumni, share your story and/or a picture with us! We would love to know what you are doing.

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Beth Kilpatrick, Teacher

Kilpatrick photo

After graduating I worked with Waco Community Development to complete a community revitalization strategy for North Central Waco, assisted in the startup of Texas Hunger Initiative, and worked as an Interim Development Director at World Hunger Relief, Inc.

This year I am serving as a field liaison for a group of community practice students who have interned all over the globe.

My husband and I have been invited to teach at Northrise University, a Christian private university in Ndola, Zambia. We desire to walk with Zambian leaders as they develop their own nation from a place of significant poverty into a respected participant in the global economy, in international diplomacy, and in the Church.

HeatherVinesHeather Vines, Respite Services Coordinator

I graduated from Baylor University with my MSW (GSI cohort) in 2009. Currently, I'm living in Sydney, Australia! My husband's job brought us over here and it has been such a blessing to explore the whole Earth. The other side of the world is absolutely beautiful and has given me an opportunity to learn about Australian aged care.

I've been working at Northside Community Forum Inc. serving as a Respite Services Coordinator. We provide short-term and emergency respite to carers in the Northern Sydney region. Carers are people who provide unpaid care to people who are frail aged, have a disability, mental health issues, or receiving palliative care. Social work is a universally recognized career and my Baylor degree definitely prepared me to make an impact in the aging sector of Australia.

Sic em from Sydney!

Rachel McCarty, Development Coordinator

Rachel McCarty

Immediately after graduation, Rachel moved to Northern Thailand and taught English as a Foreign Language for one year. During this time she discovered a deep passion for the importance of quality education.

She is now the Development Coordinator for Collaborative for Children in Houston, a non-profit that works to improve early education and care for children, ages zero to five.

Keith Aulick, Technical Advisor

Keith Aulick

Keith serves as a Technical Advisor for Leadership and Capacity Development programs at FHI 360, a U.S.-based non-profit. He develops and manages programs that help enhance the functioning of local non-governmental organizations and support them to become stronger, more independent organizations that are better-equipped to serve their constituencies. He is based in Conakry, Guinea, but travels throughout Africa for this work.

In 2010, Keith received an MS in International Agricultural Development and an MBA from the University of California, Davis.

Amber Stark, Aftercare Fellow

Amber Stark

For the past five months, Amber has been living in South Asia where she serves as an Aftercare Fellow with International Justice Mission (IJM).  IJM works to bring justice to individuals who have been a victim of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression.

Specifically, Amber works with IJM's social workers to equip them in their fields through training sessions that focus on therapeutic techniques to use when working with their clients.