Baylor University
National & International Scholarships
College of Arts and Sciences

About the Office

Dean Elizabeth Vardaman, Associate Dean for Special Academic Programs

Phone: 254.710.4176

Office: Burleson 102

Key Awards: Fulbright, Truman, Pickering, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, Gates-Cambridge, Soros, Schwarzman Scholars, SURF, NSF REUs

Dr. Kirsten Escobar, Scholarship Advisor

Phone: 254.710.3306

Office: Burleson 104

Key Awards: Critical Language Scholarship, Fulbright, Truman, Pickering, Humanity In Action, Fulbright US-UK Summer Institutes, Rotary Global Grant, SURF, NSF REUs

Dr. Frieda Blackwell, Associate Dean for Humanities, Professor, Modern Languages & Cultures

Phone: 254.710.3361

Office: Burleson 100

Key Awards: Boren

Dr. Jeffrey Olafsen, Associate Professor, Physics

Phone: 254.710.2280

Key Awards: Goldwater

Dr. Rena Bonem, Professor, Geology

Phone: 254.710.2187

Office: BSB NA E 413

Key Awards: Udall

National & International Scholarships Committee

This committee, comprised of faculty members from throughout the University, supports the efforts of students to apply and compete for nationally and internationally prestigious scholarships. Often, members of this committee will help select the Baylor students whom the University will endorse for a particular award, such as the Truman. Members of this committee also conduct mock interviews for students who have been chosen as finalists for an award such as the Marshall Scholarship--providing them with the invaluable opportunity to prepare thoroughly for their interview. In addition, committee members interview students competing for grants (e.g. the Fulbright) that require formal university endorsement.

Current Members

Elizabeth Dell, Chair, College of Arts & Sciences, English
Francesca Arnone, School of Music, Instrumental Studies
Bradley Bolen, School of Music, Keyboard Studies
Rena Bonem, College of Arts & Sciences, Geology
Seok Gu Byoun, Hankamer School of Business, Finance
Julie de Graffenreid, College of Arts & Sciences, History
Stephen Gardner, Hankamer School of Business, Economics
Tamara Hodges, School of Education, Educational Psychology
Theresa Varney Kennedy, College of Arts & Sciences, French
Carol Schuetz, Libraries
Richard Strot, School of Education, Curriculum & Instruction
Joan Supplee, College of Arts & Sciences, History
Laurel Zeiss, School of Music, Academic Studies

Ex officio

James Benninghof, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Policy, School of Music, Music Theory
Jennifer Carron, Assistant Vice President of Admission Services
Jackie Diaz, Assistant Vice President for Student Financial Services Strategy & Planning
Mark Long, Honors College
Ann Rushing, College of Arts & Sciences, Biology
David Uber, College of Arts & Sciences, French