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Dean's Welcome


Welcome to Baylor University’s School of Education. Those of us who graduated from Baylor never lose our love for the university. I am delighted to have rejoined the institution and honored to serve as dean of its School of Education.

Rarely has the collective prosperity of our nation and that of our local communities depended as heavily as it does today on the conditions of education at all levels, from Pre-K through higher education. The vibrancy of our economy, the health of our social fabric, indeed, the future of our democracy, all rest on the country’s educative capacity — and on our commitment as a citizenry to strengthening it. For the nation to achieve the full measure of its promise in the century ahead, the nation’s schools of education must lead the way in building institutions in which all students can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality education. 

At Baylor’s School of Education, we are committed to preparing the best possible teachers, leaders, researchers, and policymakers for the transformative work in education that is needed in our increasingly complex, demanding, and diverse world. Our faculty, staff, and students are here because they are called to education — and convinced of its power to change the lives of individuals and of communities. In turn, we view our students and graduates as nothing less than moral agents in service to the mission of broadened educational opportunities, reduced learning disparities, and improved outcomes.

We are committed to delivering to our students — be they enrolled in undergraduate, master’s, PhD, or EdD programs — the most meaningful and rigorous of learning experiences possible. Our School comprises three departments: Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Psychology, and Educational Administration. Through the dedicated faculty, excellent academic programs, innovative partnerships, and intensive clinical and field placements each of the departments offer, our students develop the needed knowledge, competencies, and ethical dispositions to help them solve problems at the intersections of human development and learning and the organizations in which learning occurs.

The mission of the School of Education is a diverse one, thus providing students an array of distinctive opportunities for professional and personal growth. For instance, in part because of our close collaboration with area schools, the undergraduate teacher education programs at Baylor are unique among those in Texas. Our students experience at least six semesters in which they have direct contact with students and teachers in innovative classroom environments. Many of our institutes and centers — such as those serving children and the families of children with cognitive and developmental disabilities — immerse graduate and undergraduate students in research and clinical practice that is embedded within community settings. The network of partnerships we maintain with universities in other nations enables our students to learn about cultural differences in a variety of educational settings outside the United States — and thus be able to reflect more critically on educational practices at home.

In all that we do, Baylor’s School of Education strives for Impact. In the days ahead, we will chart new directions for broadening and deepening the School’s impact both locally and globally. We will
• strengthen our research portfolio and infrastructure
• bolster the capabilities of our clinical centers and other vehicles of community outreach
• build capacity for engagement around education policy at the local, state, and national levels 
• work to establish Baylor University as a leading convener of important conversations around the future of schooling, and
• launch innovative practitioner programs, such as the Doctorate of Education (EdD) in K-12 Educational Leadership, that our nation needs so that students in all school settings can learn and succeed in life.

As it has for nearly 100 years, the School of Education will pursue its purposes alongside that of a deep commitment to cultivating the intellectual, professional, and faith pursuits of our faculty and students in a climate of Christian care and community. 

Whether you are a graduate of the School, a friend, a prospective student or faculty member, or a potential partner, I invite you to join with us to realize our impact on the world.

Michael K. McLendon, PhD
Dean and Professor