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The Baylor Autism Resource Clinic (BARC) was opened in January 2008 thanks to a grant from the Waco Foundation and support from Baylor University. The BARC is a member of the Behavioral and Educational Services Division at the Baylor University Center for Developmental Disabilities (BCDD), a collaboration between McLane Childnren's Scott & White and Baylor University. Dr. Julie Ivey-Hatz, Associate Professor at Baylor, is the founder and director of the BARC. Kristen Padilla-Mainor, Director of the Baylor University Center for Developmental Disabilities, therefore coordinates and supervises the programs, resources, and services at the BARC.



The goal of the BCDD is to provide a place for parents to visit with multiple service providers and professionals in one location. Various departments from Baylor University, including Communication Sciences and Disorders, Psychology, Family Consumer Science, Social Work, among others, will collaborate to best serve families and their children with developmental disabilities. For more information about the BCDD, please visit the website below.





Current Services at the BARC:

Social Circles - Social Circles is a program designed to provide a safe and encouraging environment in which children learn and practice social skills, improve communication abilities, increase confidence, enhance emotional learning, and foster relationship building. Each semester there are approximately six Social Circles groups offered for school-aged children. The groups are led by graduate students in the department of educational psychology and are supervised by department faculty and staff. To participate in Social Circles, a $25 registration fee will be required at the time the application form is submitted and a $25 supply fee will be due at the first session. There is also a $10 per session fee. If we cannot accommodate your schedule, your application fee is fully refundable. Application fees are non-refundable once the sessions begin. If you would like to know more information about the program or to get on the list to receive services, please call 254-537-1042 or email autism@baylor.edu

BARC-Social Circles Session




Assessments - Graduate students in the School Psychology program conduct assessments under the direct supervision of a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology and Baylor School Psychology faculty member. The evaluation may include a full battery of cognitive, achievement, and social-emotional assessments, as well as, an in-take interview, observation, and more. For more information regarding assessment services, please call 254-537-1042 or email autism@baylor.edu.
Sibling Support Group- This group is specifically for siblings of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disabilities. The Sibling Support Group focuses on the special demands siblings of special needs children often face, such as frustration, embarrassment, concern, resentment, anger, guilt and feelings of confusion. We address these feelings and work on appropriate coping skills through fun games and activities, as well as, discussion.
Asperger Support Group- The BARC, in conjunction with the Office of Access and Learning Accommodation (OALA), provide a support group for college students with Asperger�s Syndrome. The group is open to MCC, TSTC, and Baylor students. They meet weekly to discuss the academic and social issues they face as a student with a disability and work on developing strategies to improve their social and communication skills.

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Summer Camp The BARC holds an Autism Summer Day Camp during June that occurs on the Baylor University campus. Children ages 3-22 attend the five-day camp and participate in a variety of activities including arts and crafts, field games, water events, sports and more. It is a week full of opportunities to practice social skills in a stimulating campus environment. Research projects are also incorporated into the camp. Graduate students, primarily from the school psychology program, serve as the camp leaders/facilitators.


Collector of Resource Information - We currently have over two hundred books and several DVD's that are available to the community. These materials are housed in the Baylor University Center for Developmental Disabilities and may be checked-out by community members. Also, the center has many fact and tip sheets about a variety of issues related to autism that are available for dissemination.
Onging Research - several Baylor representatives are conducting research at this time. Please see the tab, "Current Research", for more information.
Learning Lab - As the clinic has grown and become a part of the BCDD, several students from across discipline have been a part of a variety of learning opportunities and provide a multitude of experiences and services to families and children (counseling, assessments, and consultation with families).


Possible Future Services:

Respite Care - The center is looking into providing childcare for children with ASD so that parents may have the option of having time alone or "downtime" to recuperate, see a movie, have dinner out, or spend time with their children who do not have ASD.


Experience for Future Educators - the center hopes to provide future educators information about the numerous services available to best serve children, practical experience working with children, provide a site for observation and offer training workshops of behavioral interventions to utilize in the classroom.


Specialized Training Workshops - will be offered for professionals in numerous fields (non-profit agencies, classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, medical personnel, etc.).