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International experiences are provided to candidates in the School of Education in order to assist the candidates in the understanding of and participation in a global society.

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Teacher Education Program

The teacher education programs at Baylor University are unique among the universities in Texas. The primary attribute of Baylor's teacher education programs is the amount of field experience in actual classrooms during the programs. You will experience six semesters in which you have direct contact with students and teachers in dynamic classroom environments.

The four-year teacher education programs are developmental in design allowing you to incrementally increase your knowledge base and instructional skills.

All field experiences take place in Professional Development Schools (PDS) that are part of a cooperative endeavor with Baylor's School of Education to provide excellent and innovative classroom environments for all teacher education candidates. The PDS and University personnel plan, implement, and evaluate the teacher education programs that are designed to provide you with quality teacher training.

The teacher education programs are challenging, and are designed to develop teachers who are knowledgeable, adaptable, reflective, competent, and morally prepared professionals ready to meet the challenges of dynamic and changing learning environments. These programs are child centered, focusing on guiding all children to achieve their best academic and personal potential.

Admission to Baylor and declaring a major or minor in education does not enroll a student in a School of Education program leading to initial certification as a classroom teacher in the State of Texas. Students who plan to earn a teaching certificate must meet minimum Texas and Baylor standards and apply separately for admission prior to the junior year to candidacy in the appropriate Baylor School of Education program. Once accepted, candidates must continue to meet minimum standards to continue in the program. For more information and application materials, visit

Teacher Education Handbook

PDS Handbook 2015-2016

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