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Department Colloquium Series

Department of Physics Colloquium by

The Baylor University Department of Physics hosts a departmental colloquium series every Wednesday from 4PM in BSB E.125.

The schedule for the current semester is shown below. The colluquia in the recent semesters can be found here.

Date Speaker Title
Sept 2, 2015 Dr. BFL Ward, Baylor University New Developments in Exact Amplitude-Based Resummation in Precision Theory vs Experiments
Sept 9, 2015 Dr. Zhenrong Zhang, Baylor University Catalytic Reactions on TiO2 and Ag(111)
Sept 9, 2015 Dr. Anzhong Wang&M Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2 with Water for Solar Fuel Production: Advanced Materials Design and Reaction Mechanism Investigation
Oct 22, 2014 Dr. Chris Thron, Temple U. Introduction to Wireless Signal Processing for Physicists
Oct 15, 2014 Dr. Dmitri Voronine, UT Dallas Nature of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering
Oct 8, 2014 Dr. Lorin Matthews, Baylor U. Modeling the Interaction between Dust and Plasm
Oct 1, 2014 Dr. Steven Finkelstein, UT Austin Beacons in the Dark: Searching for the First Galaxies to Exist in the Universe
Sep 17, 2014 Dr. Sangwook Park, UT Arlington X-Ray Study of Supernova Remnants: New Insights for Type Ia Explosions and Progenitors
Sep 10, 2014 Dr. Jason Slinker, UT Dallas DNA in Nanoscale Electronics
Sep 3, 2014 Dr. Peter Brown, Texas A&M Calibrating Exploding Stars for Precision Cosmology
Aug 27, 2014 Dr. Jianxin Lu, University of Science and Technology of China On the gas-Liquid Type Universal Phase Structure