Message from the Dean

Welcome to Baylor University School of Music. As you review our website, I hope to convince you that the Baylor University School of Music is one of the best places for a young collegiate musician to grow and flourish. I believe the proof is revealed in our past rich history, distinguished alumni, comprehensive curriculum, distinguished faculty, and remarkable students. The many pages of this web site tell an elaborate story, not only of our policies and practices, but also of our hopes and dreams. In summary, they outline who we are – the Baylor School of Music.

Music has been an integral part of Baylor University since our founding fathers signed the original charter in 1845. Formal degrees in music have been offered and completed here for more than 100 years. While we joyously celebrate that past, there remains much important work to be done. We will never forget over a century of music at Baylor University or the many centuries of music in our culture, yet our most important endeavor is equipping our current and future students with the tools, skills, and knowledge they will need to be musical leaders of tomorrow.

The Baylor School of Music is in the serious business of transforming our students, one at a time, into the best musicians, citizens, and people they can possibly be. We believe our quality is measured in each performance, each class, each graduate, each life affected by our School. It is our good fortune to work daily with one of God's greatest gifts to mankind - music!

William V. May, Dean

Baylor University School of Music

Proud member of the Baylor Class of '69