Baylor University maintains a student financial aid program involving scholarships, grants, on-campus employment and loans totaling approximately $60 million annually. Approximately 68 percent of the student body qualify for some form of financial aid. Many music students qualify for academic and various additional scholarship funds, in addition to music merit scholarships.


1. Submit "Request to Audition" form.

To be considered for Music Merit Scholarships, you must audition for the School of Music. Outstanding students pursuing a Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music Education degree will be selected to receive music scholarships on the basis of their performance ability and the programmatic needs of the School of Music. Students interested in being considered for a music scholarship should plan to audition early in the academic year preceding enrollment. Recipients of music scholarships must also submit financial aid application forms.

All awards are made on a one-year basis and are renewable, depending upon satisfactory academic and music progress for a total of four years for Bachelor of Music majors, or five years for Bachelor of Music Education majors. Recipients will be assigned responsibilites in the performance activities of the School of Music.

2. Apply for Financial Aid

If you are a prospective student interested in financial aid, please visit to learn how to apply.

Please do not wait until you are admitted to the University or the School of Music to begin the financial aid process.

3. Financial Aid and Scholarship Notification

You will receive notification of your financial aid status from the University. If you are selected to receive a music scholarship, you will receive separate notification from the School of Music. You will be asked to respond to verify your acceptance of Music Merit Scholarship money. No notification letters are sent in the event that a student fails to qualify for a music scholarship.