BU String Project


The BU String Project is a unique program that provides instruction to grade school children on Violin, Viola, Cello, or String Bass. In the process, children develop good work habits and improve their ability to collaborate and cooperate in groups. Utilizing college students in supervised teaching roles allows music lessons to be offered at substantially reduced fees, making the program financially accessible to all families in the community.


Dr. Michael Alexander, serves as Director of the Baylor University String Project. Dr. Alexander taught strings and orchestra in Texas for 22 years before joining the faculty at Baylor as Associate Professor of String Music Education in 2006. He brings a broad knowledge of string pedagogy to the program based on both his research and his experiences in the classroom.

Rebekah Baylis serves as the Master Teacher for the program. After completing both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Baylor University, Mrs. Baylis taught strings and orchestra in Belton ISD. Upon returning to Waco, she has taken the role of Master Teacher in the String Project.

BU Bachelor of Music Education students serve as the instructional staff for the program as part of their required String Methods course (MUS 3212). After completing the course, they receive work-study stipends to continue teaching in the program. The practical teaching experience gained in this program has proven to have a powerful effect on their preparation to enter the music teaching profession.


ALL students are required to be a member of their school string program (if one exists at their grade level). Home school students, students too young for their school programs, or students at schools without a string program may also participate. The minimum grade level for participation is the 4th grade.

Group instruction is offered at two levels: Bravo (Beginning instruction) and Encore (Advanced instruction) at 75$ per semester. Private Lessons are also available to any student who has completed at least one semester in either the Encore or Bravo group (or comparable experience). Private Lessons are $180 per semester ($15 per 1/2 hour x 12 lessons per semester). Location and times are arranged via the private instructor and parent.


Bravo and Encore Classes will twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:15-5:00pm. Classes meet in Waco Hall East on the Baylor Campus.

Private Lesson are arranged on the Baylor Campus at a time mutually agreed upon by the parent and the private instructor.


ALL STUDENTS WILL BE SIZED AT OUR NEW STUDENT / PARENT MEETING. Student model string instruments come in many different sizes. Student model string instruments come in many different sizes; please do not purchase or rent an instrument until our first meeting. Instruments may be rented from the instrument dealer present at the meeting (The instrument package should include instrument, bow, case, rosin, Orchestra Expressions method book, and Violin/Viola shoulder rest or Cello/Bass end pin strap).

* The BU String Project encourages instrument rental over purchase because students will change instrument size as they grow. Instrument rental/purchase ranges from $18 to $25 per month.