Piano Lab Program

The Piano Laboratory Program at Baylor University is designed to provide piano pedagogy students with actual teaching experiences in private and group settings. All student teachers are enrolled in a piano pedagogy course in the Baylor University School of Music. All classes and lessons are supervised by the Director of Piano Pedagogy Studies.

Our classes fill up very quickly, and we keep the classes small. For that reason, enrollment is limited and parents are advised to inquire about classes in the fall preceding their child's enrollment. Classes are often full by the preceding December. Please contact Dr. McAllister([email protected]) to inquire about available spaces. If there is an opening, please submit the enrollment form below along with a $25 check for materials. You may be asked to set up a time for Dr. McAllister to meet with your child/children. You will not be enrolled in the class until official permission is granted by Dr. McAllister.

Piano Lab Program Enrollment Form

Instructional Offerings

Group Instruction: Students enrolled in the first and second year PLP classes will enjoy a variety of musical experiences while learning the fundamentals of music. Emphasis is placed on reading, rhythm, ear training, and creative work through group activities and directed play games. Instruction includes a thirty-minute group class and a thirty-minute private lesson once a week. The first-year class meets on Mondays from 4:00-5:00. Enrollment in the first-year class is offered each fall to children entering the first and second grade.


• Students enroll for a year of music study.

• Classes and lessons will follow the Baylor University fall and spring semester calendar.

• Classes which are missed cannot be made up.

• Make up lessons for missed private lessons will normally not be given.

• Make up lessons will be offered if the teacher misses a lesson.


Tuition is due at the beginning of each semester and is not refundable. Arrangements can be made for payment in two installments. A Music/Materials fee is also due at the beginning of each semester.

Piano Instruction:

Semester Music/Materials Fee: $25.00

Semester Tuition: 1st year Group Piano Instruction: $200.00

2nd year Group Piano Instruction: $200.00

Please note that tuition changes will occur beginning with the 2014-2015 program. At that time, the tuition will be increased to the following:

1st year Group Piano Instruction: $225.00

2nd year Group Piano Instruction: $225.00

Semester Music/Materials Fee: $30.00


The Piano Laboratory Program meets on the campus of Baylor University in the Piano Pedagogy Wing of Waco Hall.

For additional information related to Group and Private Piano instruction contact:

Lesley McAllister

[email protected]