Baylor ILS Lending Policies

Commitment to Scholars

The Baylor Libraries are committed to enhancing scholarship around the world, and the Interlibrary Loan Office's role in this effort is to facilitate delivery of information resources owned by the Baylor Libraries to researchers and scholars at other institutions who need them.

Please note that the following policies only apply to the Central University Libraries. The Louise Herrington School of Nursing and the Baylor School of Law have separate ILL policies governing their collections.

Who may request Baylor documents via ILL?

The Baylor Libraries do not lend items directly to individuals from other institutions. Only requests received from library departments (public, academic, non-profit, corporate) are honored. Note: Baylor reserves the right to refuse loans to school libraries and inmate detention facilities, though photocopies of journal articles generally will be filled.

How may libraries submit requests to Baylor ILL?

Baylor University accepts borrowing requests via
• OCLC. Baylor symbol = IYU
• ALA Form
• IFLA Form (international borrowers only)
• Fax
• Odyssey Lending Request Form

Are there any fees for borrowing items from Baylor?

It depends. Baylor is a member of several consortia and is party to a variety of resource sharing agreements. In general, if a library identifies itself as a free supplier or reciprocal lender in the OCLC policy directory, Baylor will provide ILL services free of charge. Also, free ILL services are provided to the following groups: TEXSHARE, GWLA, AMIGOS, RAPID (recip. agreement), ULG, LVIS, ATLA (recip. and free book lenders only). We will also enter into individual reciprocal agreements as needed or upon request. Inquiries about individual reciprocal agreements should be directed to the Director of Delivery Services.

My library doesn't fit any of these conditions. What is the fee for each ILL request submitted?

Academic, non-profit, pub/gov lib. that accept OCLC IFM - 10 IFM
Non-IFM participants - $15 with invoice
Document delivery vendors - 25 IFM or $30 with invoice

Lost & Overdue Items Policy

We invoice all items that are 30 days or more overdue. Baylor University will not reimburse replacement payments made for items lost while on interlibrary loan and later recovered after one (1) month of receipt or after a replacement copy has been purchased, whichever is sooner.

What will Baylor loan from its library?

The following items are non-circulating:
• Reference
• Reserves
• LP records
• Paper/bound journals (exceptions for GWLA and academic TexShare)
• Paper editions of newspapers
• Select microfiche series
• Select materials housed in Baylor special collections

How long can we use the items we've borrowed from Baylor?

Typical loan periods for different formats
Note: Baylor does not allow renewals of ILL items
• Books and scores - 49 days
• AV items - 21 days
• Microforms - 21 days
• Serials - at discretion of Director of Delivery Services