Mobile Devices

Any device or application, such as a smart phone or mail client, that has your password saved will need to be updated in order to continue to function. The process varies across devices, but the password information can usually be found in the Settings area of your device.

Mac OS Computers

If you use an Apple computer, you also need to update the Keychain. To do this:

  • Launch Keychain Access (found in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder)
  • Select the login keychain from the top left of the window
  • Select "Change Password for keychain login..." from the Edit menu

The current password will be your previous Bear_ID password. You will need to set your new Bear_ID password as the new login keychain password.

If you do not know your previous password, go to Keychain Access preferences from the taskbar. Click the "Reset My Default Keychain" button and enter your current password. You will need to re-enter any saved passwords such as those for Outlook or the Box website.

Reviewed November 28, 2016