Apple iPads

An iPad by design is a single user device. It is not intended to be shared among several users and maintain data security and privacy in an enterprise environment. Departments purchasing iPads must assign the device to one faculty/staff person and the iPad may not be shared. Any requests for checkout/shared iPads must be reviewed by ITS Security and will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Order Process

Apple iPads can be purchased for employees who are vice presidents, deans, associate/assistant vice presidents, associate/assistant deans. All other iPad purchases or redeployment of existing iPads must be approved by Academic Dean (academic departments) or Associate Vice President (administrative departments). iPads approved by the department may be ordered through the Apple online store. They are delivered to ITS Installs and an appointment is scheduled with the individual to install the device.

All current iPad models are supported. This includes the new iPad and iPad Mini in both WiFi and cellular configurations as well as the iPad 2. To order an iPad or iPad Mini with cellular capability that includes a data plan covered by the university, you will need to contact Janet Knox in Telephone Services.

Redeployment Process

Once a department has received proper approval to redeploy a university-owned iPad to another individual within their department, the iPad must be returned to ITS installs. Installs will properly remove all data and setup a new security profile and deliver it to the new client. All university-owned iPads should have an ITID tag on the back. If you do not have an ITID tag, please contact the Help Desk.

iPads in ITS Loaner Program

There are a limited number of iPads available in the ITS Loaner Program. All iPads in the Loaner Program will be WIFI only. These checkout units will follow the same process already in place for laptop checkouts.

Data Service

All cellular iPads need to be ordered through Janet Knox in Telephone Services so that the data plan for the iPad is setup by the vendor. She will provide you with the options that are available from AT&T and Verizon to assist you in determining which data plan meets your departmental needs. The delivery of the iPad will still flow through the installation process.

Installation Process

All iPads are received from Apple to ITS Installs. Before delivery to the client, our campus Security Profile is installed on the iPad, along with other campus services such as AirBear WPA2 and Exchange, which are configured with normal password access. Two applications, DocsToGo and GoodReader, will be installed on all university-owned iPads.

Passcode Requirement

At the time of delivery, the client is shown the basic functionality of the device and guided through the process of entering their password to activate the different campus services. The client is shown how to change or update their passcode when needed. The security profile that enforces the passcode requirement cannot be removed.


Much like any other device, clients need to contact the HELP Desk for support. Hardware repairs are not handled on campus. If an iPad needs repair, it is sent directly to Apple for a replacement device. The replacement usually takes 2 to 3 days to receive.

Applications for iPads

A client is allowed to download applications to the iPad for both personal and university-related business. Some applications are free and some have an installation charge. Two applications, DocsToGo and GoodReader, will be installed on all university-owned iPads.

For additional personal applications:

  • The client must pay for the application through a personal Apple iTunes account.

For additional university-related applications:

  • The Apple Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) has been very successful, and Apple is now allowing ITS to assign separate accounts to departmental representatives.
  • To set up an account, a departmental representative will need to be designated and will be given access to the Apple VPP, by contacting Mark Mastin. The departmental representative will receive authorization and training to purchase VPP cards in increments of $100 with no tax applied. The departmental representative can then purchase redemption codes as needed. The client would access the Apple App Store and click the "redeem" button to enter the code that has been provided by the departmental representative in order to purchase the app.

Last Update: 6/24/13