Summary of Application Upgrades/Patches Applied

Information Technology Services will apply application upgrades and patches as needed to computers running Mac and Windows operating systems. Detailed information about patches applied can be found here.

The updates will continue on Monday and Wednesday evenings after midnight until all computers receive the upgrades/patches being applied. It will take several weeks to complete these upgrades/patches campus wide. They are first applied to a test group, primarily made up of ITS computers, before being approved for the general campus. If you have a compelling reason to block these updates/upgrades, you can make a request by submitting the opt-out form.

Detailed information about application upgrades/patches released and applied to campus computers:

January 2016 Firefox v43.0.4
January 2016 Google Chrome v48.0.2564.82
January 2016 Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer KB 3133431
January 2016 Adobe Flash Player Plugin v20.0.0.286
January 2016 Adobe Flash Player v20.0.0.286
January 2016 Adobe AIR v20.0.0.233
January 2016 Adobe Shockwave Player v12.2.3.183
January 2016 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC v2015.010.20056
January 2016 Java 8 Update 71 for 10.8 version and above
January 2016 Java Update for JRE and JDK 8 Update 71

2015 Application Updates/Patches
2014 Application Updates/Patches
2013 Application Updates/Patches
2012 Application Updates/Patches
2011 Application Updates/Patches
2010 Application Updates/Patches

Updated August 1, 2014