Summary of Microsoft Updates Applied

Information Technology Services regularly applies critical Microsoft updates to campus computers running a Windows operating system, through Windows Software Update Services. Detailed information about patches released and applied to campus computers can be found here. ITS only pushes critical patches, so it is recommended that patches for other Microsoft products be run occasionally so that other important updates can be applied as well. You can find more information here: Windows Updates.

Microsoft releases patches on a monthly basis (the second Tuesday of each month) and ITS approves them for campus installation shortly thereafter. They are first applied to a test group, primarily made up of ITS computers, before being approved for the general campus. If you have a compelling reason to block these updates, you can make a request by submitting the opt-out form.

Detailed information about patches released and applied to campus computers:

September 2015 Security Bulletin (released on September 8, 2015)
August 2015 Security Bulletin (released on August 11, 2015)
July 2015 Security Bulletin (released on July 14, 2015)
June 2015 Security Bulletin (released on June 9, 2015)
May 2015 Security Bulletin (released on May 12, 2015)
April 2015 Security Bulletin (released on April 14, 2015)
March 2015 Security Bulletin (released on March 10, 2015)
February 2015 Security Bulletin (released on February 10, 2015)
January 2015 Security Bulletin (released on January 13, 2015)

2014 Security Bulletins
2013 Security Bulletins
2012 Security Bulletins
2011 Security Bulletins
2010 Security Bulletins
2009 Security Bulletins
2008 Security Bulletins

Updated March 12, 2014