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Before You Leave Campus

Keeping track or in touch with Baylor information is becoming more accessible while away from campus via internet access.

Here is a list of recommendations for protecting your computer and data before you leave, and when you return to campus. Then while you are away, is a list of suggestions for accessing your information off campus and staying in touch with Baylor events while at your destination.

Before You Leave
When You Return
While You Are Away

What if I'm a student?

Before You Leave . . .

Computer and Data Phone/Smartphone Email

Windows Updates
Update Password
Baylor ID Card
Physical Security
Loaner Laptop
MacBook-Saving Battery Life

iPhone (coming soon)
Exchange Mailbox
"Out of Office"
Outlook Web Access

Windows Updates
The latest updates and fixes available from Microsoft protect your computer and keep it running smoothly. Make sure you are current by running Windows updates prior to leaving campus. For more information, see the Windows Updates webpage.

All Baylor laptops must have PGP encryption software installed on the computer. All desktops which store sensitive information (defined as protected or higher on, ex: social security or driver's license) must have PGP installed. Before you leave, restart your laptop to make sure you remember your PGP passphrase. Call the Help Desk prior to your departure to schedule a time for the installation if you do not have PGP and feel that you need it.
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Configure your computer for VPN for access to secure Baylor systems such as Banner, Trax, Tivoli or BearQuest. To configure your computer for VPN, please see the VPN webpage.
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Update Password
Change your password before leaving campus for an extended period of time. If your password were to expire while off campus or if you decide to change your password while away from campus, it requires more steps to make sure that all passwords are synchronized. If you change your password while away from campus and you use a laptop, you will need to use your old password to log into the laptop and your new password to access your email, Blackboard, etc. It is preferred to change it while connected to the Baylor network. See the BearID Password page for more information.
Self-Service keyword(s): update password

Baylor ID Card
Be sure you have your Baylor ID number with you. You will need it to access payroll information from the internet. If you should lose your Baylor ID card while traveling, call the Baylor ID office immediately at 254-710-1965 or you can deactivate it real-time from the Cashier's Office website.
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Physical Security

  • Using a laptop:
    Take extra measures to protect the computer and all the data stored on it. Treat it like cash, keep it locked, and don't leave it on the floor or in your car. Pay attention in airports and turn on the "lock" feature on your screen saver. Report any stolen laptop immediately to the local authorities and if it is a Baylor computer, contact the Help Desk at 254-710-4357. If after hours, record a message. For more information, see the Physical Security webpage.

  • Leaving desktop in your office:
    Make sure to turn on the "lock" feature on your screen saver, then turn the monitor off. To "lock" a PC, hold down the Windows Key and press the letter "L". To "lock" a Mac, click the Lock icon on the top menu bar. Take extra measures to protect the computer by leaving it in a locked office.
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Loaner Laptop
If you have only a desktop computer and want to take a laptop computer with you, you may want to consider using a loaner laptop. ITS has Dell and Macintosh laptops, LCD projectors, digital cameras, and a limited number of iPads available to faculty and staff for checkout when needed for travel, a special presentation or project, etc. The equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The normal checkout period is two weeks. To reserve one of these units, contact Production Services at ext. 4126. Production Services is located on the fifth floor of the Clifton Robinson Tower.
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Run a client-initiated backup prior to leaving campus for an extended period of time using your Backup monitor located on the desktop. Quit out of all programs and close or save all active files before running the backup. For more information, see the Computer Backup page.
Self-Service keyword(s): backup files

If you will need access to large files, before leaving, transfer files to BearSpace where they can be accessed via the internet. For more information, see the BearSpace page.
Self-Service keyword(s): BearSpace

MacBook-Saving Battery Life
When traveling, you want to get the maximum life from your battery. To view tips for conserving battery live while traveling with a MacBook, please click here.

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Change your voicemail message to notify callers you are gone. You can leave a different voice message for outside calls versus inside calls. You may want to use a temporary greeting. For instructions on setting a temporary greeting, see the Voicemail information page.

Know your voicemail password. Contact the Help Desk if you need help changing it. If you plan to check your voicemail messages while you are away, you will need to know your password.

You can also set up a revert feature so callers can press "0" to access another number in the department. For more options, see the Voicemail information page.
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Update your PRL (Preferred Roaming List) on your BlackBerry
From the phone icon dial *228 from your BlackBerry and choose Option 2. Let the process run and you will hear 3 audible beeps when the process is complete.

Know your data password to unlock your BlackBerry
If you wish to change your password before you leave, you may do so from Options, Security options, General settings, Password. Or on some models, the password change option is under Options, Password, Change password. When changing your password, be sure to enter the existing password first, followed by your new password twice. REMEMBER: numbers are really letters!!!

International Travel: Contact Janet Knox 254-710-3310 or email her at and check to make sure your phone is capable of working overseas and that you have an international calling plan.

Delete your SMS (text message) and phone call logs from the message view by:
Pressing alt+s for text message logs, highlight a date, press the trackball or wheel, and choose "delete prior" (to/all from that date)
Press alt+p for phone call logs (same process as above)

Clear your BlackBerry browser cache by:
Opening your browser, press the trackball/wheel, choose Options, Cache Operations, clear history, cookies, content caches, etc™ Once this process is done you will see a message that says, "cleaning memory." Escape when done.

Reboot your BlackBerry
Power off your BlackBerry, remove the battery from the back of the device, re-insert the battery, and wait for the device to power back up. This process is similar to a "reboot" of your computer and basically reclaims free space on your BlackBerry.

Charge your battery!

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Logout of Outlook or Quit Entourage
Do not just minimize, but rather close your email application so that any local email files will get backed up by the Tivoli backup system. PC clients may use the X to exit, but Macintosh Entourage clients should go to the Entourage Menu and choose "Quit."
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Check your Exchange mailbox size. Be sure to cleanup your mailbox so that you don't exceed your 1 GB quota while you are gone. For more information, see the Email Documentation page.
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Turn on your Outlook or Entourage "Out of Office" assistant.
For Exchange clients, "Out of Office" used to be for internal use only. However, with Exchange Server 2007 and Outlook 2007 you now have an "Outside of my organization" option. You may enter two separate "Out of Office" notes or simply make them the same, but it's your choice. For more information, see the Email Documentation page.
Self-Service keyword(s): out of office notification

If you do not plan to use OWA (Outlook Web Access) when off campus, you will need to set up Outlook with ROH. You will need to set up this access prior to leaving campus. For more information see ROH on the Email Documentation page.
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