Backup Guidelines for Departmental Computers

Backups of Baylor business data, stored on Baylor-owned Category 1 computers, are required by faculty and staff to maintain business continuity in case of a disaster. To facilitate backups, ITS provides backup storage to a server in our data center. The Backup client software is installed as part of the standard software configuration on all Baylor-owned Category 1 departmental computers assigned to faculty and staff.

Backup service provided by ITS is optional. Clients may prefer to maintain their own backups. Clients can decline the ITS backup service by submitting an Opt Out Form. You will receive confirmation from ITS when your backup software has been removed.

All Category 1 computers that are backed up by ITS must adhere to the following requirements:

REQUIREMENTS: The client is responsible for the following required items so that the backup services can function properly.

  • The client computer is running one of the following supported operating systems: Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8, Linux OS. (Please Note: Not all versions of Linux are supported. It is the responsibility of the Linux user to verify and validate that files are being backed up.)

  • The client computer is running the current supported version of the backup application.

  • The client computer is connected to Baylor's Local Area Network by ethernet cable and is covered under the ITS Support Policy.

  • Only work-related files should be backed up. If running a computer in an virtual environment, such as Fusion or Parallels, only files on the "host" computer will be backed up by ITS. Some file types are excluded. Please see "File Types Excluded" below. All work-related files must be stored in the following approved locations:

    • My Documents (Windows) or Documents (Mac)

    • On the Desktop

    • MicroGrade files in the MicroGrade directory

    • MicroTest files in the MicroTest directory

    • EndNote files in the EndNote directory

Warning: Any files and documents open when the backup process runs will not be backed up. This includes database files such as those created with FileMaker Pro or MS Access. PST files are not backed up if Outlook is ’open’ during the scheduled backup. We suggest that if you use PSTs and/or use FileMaker or MS Access often, you should close these applications and perform a manual backup on a regular basis.

File Types Excluded:***
Applications, most multimedia files, and several other non-essential file types are excluded from backups. These include files with the following extensions:

aa, aif, aiff, asx, au, avi, avr, avs, byu, chk, cmf, cnt, divx, dll, dvi, exe, flv, fssd, hlp, ini, lnk, log, m1v, m2v, m3u, m4a, m4p, mp2, mp3, mpa, mpe, mpeg, mpg, mps, mpv, nst, o, oab, part, qim, qt, ra, ram, rm, rmi, rmx, rol, smi, snd, stm, tmp, ul, voc, vxd, wav, wax, wm, wma, wmv, wmx, wvx, xm

***If a faculty or staff member needs to have large media files for their work at Baylor included in their backups, an exception may be requested by calling the Help Line at extension 4357.

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Related Polices, Legislation and other Information:
Technology Systems Usage Policy BU-PP 025

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Limited Resources

Time: The Backup server can only process a limited number of backups in a 24-hour period. The ITS backup system not only performs backups for desktop computers, but also for the entire data center.

Computer must be connected to Baylor's Local Area Network.
Files must have some type of conduit on which to connect to the backup system in order to move copies of the files to storage. Backups can only occur when the computer is connected to Baylor's wired (Ethernet) network. If the computer is turned off, the backup service cannot be performed.

Only Work Related Files should be Backed up.
Due to the limited amount of physical storage and in compliance with the Technology Systems Usage Policy BUPP025, only work-related files are eligible to be backed up with our Tivoli backup service. Backup services for personal files will be the responsibility of the client.


Backup Services

  • An automated backup on each client computer will only occur when the computer is connected to the Baylor network at the time the backup is scheduled.

  • Clients can initiate their own backup and restore of files at their convenience. No backup or restore services can occur during the time period from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm each day. During this time period, a daily scheduled maintenance occurs on the ITS Tivoli Server. Clients may contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance at any time.

  • Notification will be sent when ITS becomes aware of a backup client issue.

  • In addition to recovery from data loss, the backup software may be able to recover recently deleted files if needed.

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