Backup Guidelines for Departmental Computers

Backups of Baylor business data, stored on Baylor-owned Category 1 computers, are required by faculty and staff to maintain business continuity in case of a disaster. To facilitate backups, ITS provides the CrashPlan software, a cloud-based storage application. The CrashPlan application is installed as part of the ITS standard software configuration on all Baylor-owned Category 1 departmental computers assigned to faculty and staff.

Backup service provided by ITS is optional. Clients may prefer to maintain their own backups. Clients can decline the ITS backup service by submitting an Opt Out Form. You will receive confirmation from ITS when your backup software has been removed.

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CrashPlan Pro - Click here for more details and FAQs.

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Technology Systems Usage Policy BU-PP 025

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Date created/ updated:
Created April 2007
Updated July 2016