Departmental Technology Support

Campus offices may have the desire to purchase a technology package specific to the needs of their particular area or function. ITS will consult with departments on these types of systems to determine hardware, networking, and data integration requirements as well as review security aspects of proposed systems. In most cases, expertise from multiple sections of ITS is needed to provide input to such a review. In order to insure that all required ITS staff are consulted, departments considering purchased technology applications should complete the form linked below and email the completed form to Ralph Sherman.

ITS Technology Review Request

Additionally, any new systems or services from third parties being reviewed for campus implementation should have the following Security Questionnaire completed. It should be returned to Jon Allen.

ITS Security Questionnaire

After submission of the forms, ITS management will review the information and assign a primary contact from ITS, and the department will be notified of that assignment.

Reviewed February 25, 2014