Microsoft Campus Agreement

Baylor University has an EES program which defines the terms under which the campus uses certain Microsoft products. The Enrollmet for Education Solutions program was created in response to discussion from colleges and universities concerned about concurrency issues, license compliance, upgrade insurance, and the rising costs of software.

The EES program gives Baylor the right to run a platform of Software (Microsoft Windows Upgrades, Microsoft Office Standard, Microsoft Office Professional, and Microsoft CORE Client Access Licenses) on all the institution-owned computers at Baylor. We have the option to run the most current version, or any previous version of the Software, in any available language in either a Macintosh or Windows version, as applicable. Faculty and staff also have the right to run one copy of the Software, for school related activities, on either a laptop or desktop that they own or lease.

The EES fees are based on the number of Baylor's official FTE (full-time equivalent) faculty and staff. The fees are paid through ITS funds; there is no direct charge to the departments.

When a department purchases a new computer, Microsoft Office is installed as part of the standard software configuration. Because of the MSCA, ITS does not charge the department for Microsoft Office. Microsoft does not supply the software on CD or disks, and no hardcopy manuals or documentation is provided at the time of purchase.

The EES also defines conditions under which a Baylor student, faculty or staff member can use the Software on personal computers. The media for the Mircosoft Office products can be purchased from the Baylor Bookstore.

Last Reviewed November 2014