Client Services

Today, nearly every aspect of Baylor's administrative and academic tasks is based on or requires some component of technology. By making technology a utility that Baylor employees use daily, their efforts can be devoted to fulfilling the needs of the University's mission of educating students. Clients Services represents the central point of contact for all Baylor technology services.

Mission Statement

As an integral part of the ITS mission to connect people to information, the primary role of Client Services is to provide the University with highly-skilled technical staff to support the underlying technology infrastructure for all departmental personal computers, servers and other standard peripherals.

Services Supported

Technology Purchasing Services
The Technology Purchasing Services group is located on the first floor of the 5th street Parking Garage behind the Baylor Bookstore and consists of two full-time employees, a Technology Systems Consultant and a Customer Service Representative. Our Technology Systems Consultant will meet with our technology vendors, study, test and evaluate their products and communicate with our tehnology leaders in establishing our university-wide standards in regard to computers, tablets, printers and other technologies. The Customer Service representative will assist clients with their orders and answer any questions related to the process of purchasing departmental technology products. This group will coordinate campus visits with our preferred vendors and conduct roadmap sessions with Academic Technology Directors, IT Consultants, and IT leadership as needed.

Installation Services
The Installation Services group is located in the 5th Street Parking garage and consists of four full-time employees and one temporary employee. The support cycle of all computers or printers purchased by a department begins with this group. All departmental technology purchases are received on campus in the Installation Services area where they are prepared for delivery.

Hardware Services
The Hardware Services group is located on the first floor of the 5th Street Parking Garage behind the Baylor Bookstore and consists of five full-time employees. They currently service Apple, Dell and HP computers. They also service the campus standard Hewlett Packard printers. The technicians in the Repair Center are certified through the manufacturer to work on these systems.

Help Desk and Training Services
The Help Desk and Training Services group is located in the Dutton Avenue office parking facility and consists of seven full-time employees. They provide first-tier support for any problems related to computers (hardware or software), networking, telephone, wireless devices, and copiers. Training services, which include instructor-led seminars on both the Windows and Macintosh platform, are held in specially-equipped computer training facilities. These services are available to all faculty, staff and students.

Software and Operating System Services (SOS)
The Operating Systems Services group is located in the Dutton Avenue Office parking garage and consist of seven full-time staff that provide the second-tier support for all workstation operating systems and software-related troubleshooting.

Departmental Server Support Services
The Departmental Server Support Services group is located in the Dutton Avenue Office parking garage and consists of one full-time staff that provides support for all departmental servers, including consulting, installation, configuration, and software and operating system support.