Baylor ID Number

What is the Baylor ID number?

The Baylor ID number is a nine digit number beginning with an 8'. All Baylor prospective students, current students, employment applicants, employees, alumni, and other types of constituents are assigned this unique number when their information is first entered into the University's central information systems. This nine digit number becomes the person's primary identifier in those systems. In 2004, Baylor completed the move away from the use of social security number as the primary identifier in these systems.

For those persons who receive a University ID card, this is the number printed on the card and encoded on the back of the card. Therefore, this number is also known as the Baylor ID card number.

The Baylor ID number, along with a private PIN, is used by students, faculty, and staff to access BearWeb (

Students are notified of their ID numbers in their admissions acceptance letter. Before they activate their Bear ID, newly accepted and deposited students can look up their assigned Baylor ID number at All other constituents with active Bear IDs can look up their Baylor ID number at

For students and employees, this ID number will be the identifier used on class rosters, payroll timecard entry, and other reports and lists created from University information systems.

What about a password?

There is no password associated with the Baylor ID number. A PIN is required in addition to the ID number to access BearWeb ( The PIN can be set or reset from a link on the BearWeb front page.

What is the Baylor ID number not?

The Baylor ID number is not a person's social security number. It is not the Bear ID. It is also not of any value outside the campus and systems of Baylor University.

Reviewed February 27, 2014