The primary mission of Information Technology Services is to provide excellent, secure infrastructure, support, and innovation in the delivery of information technology products and services to enable and empower the university constituency.

General goals in support of this mission are:

  • Recognition as providers of exceptional service
  • Knowledge creation and sharing through research and innovation
  • Robust, reliable, and secure technology systems and infrastructure
  • Effective collaboration with campus constituents to accomplish objectives and acts of determination
  • Respected and professional staff who exemplify leadership qualities
  • Effective communication with the university community

2013-2014 Priorities

In support of the ITS mission, certain work is required for stability and security. This work includes insuring service availability and accomplishing compliance initiatives. Service availability consists of response to systems outages, support for standard software applications, disaster recovery/business continuity projects and maintenance of technology assets. Compliance initiatives include regulatory, vendor, and security upgrades, operating system and software version implementations, legal and operational regulations support (i.e. FERPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS), and internal and external audit requirements (i.e. change control, applications security review).

Beyond these essential functions, the ITS top strategic priority areas for 2013-2014 are:

  • Implement appropriate technologies to enhance giving and increase engagement with alumni and friends.
  • Support the University's academic initiatives involving both research and transformational education through a robust and dynamic technology infrastructure.
  • Implement and enhance technologies and services that boost student recruitment, success and retention.
  • Invest purposefully in the expansion and improvement of the campus technology infrastructure to enhance the efficiency and success of all aspects of University operations.
  • Improve communication with constituencies regarding technology topics and issues through education and training efforts, collaboration with governance groups, and use of social media and other communication channels.
Additionally, strategic partnerships and participations with a wide range of colleague institutions and professional organizations are perpetual high priorities for ITS. These collaborations supply important staff development opportunities, provide key benchmark information, support major university initiatives, and contribute to national and regional recognition of Baylor as an institution of the highest quality.