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The Institute for Faith and Learning was founded in 1997 to assist Baylor in achieving its mission of integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment, and its goal of becoming a university of the first rank committed to its Baptist and Christian heritage. Since its founding, the Institute has developed several major programs in support of this mission, cultivating high-quality research, sponsoring conferences, mentoring students, and encouraging teaching faithful to the Christian intellectual tradition.

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on Faith and Culture
Higher education in America is in the midst of profound challenge and transformation. The cost of a college education continues to rise. Disagreements persist about what constitutes the core curriculum. Technological advances confront traditional assumptions about how instruction and research are conducted. Political conflict and social unrest have been especially visible on many college campuses. And these are only some of the signs of change and stress.

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IFL director Darin Davis named Baylor's vice president for university mission
IFL director Darin Davis named Baylor's vice president for university mission
IFL director Darin Davis has been appointed vice president for university mission effective July 1, 2016. He will continue to serve as IFL director. Davis’s appointment will add expertise in the Office of the Executive Vice President as he works with students, faculty and staff across the University to emphasize the mission-centric focus distinctive to Baylor as a Christian research university.
On Friday, Sept. 2, in Roxy Grove Hall, Baylor University students, faculty, staff and alumni explored how friendship can enrich community and cultivate virtues during a panel discussion, “Companions in Hope: Why Community Is Good but Friendship Is Better,” Friday, Sept. 2, in Roxy Grove Hall.
Baylor ECS Students Serve IFL Family
Seven-year-old Camille Whitt was born with an undiagnosed genetic condition that limits her development and motor control. Because of her condition she cannot safely use typical swings. But thanks to a group of engineering students at Baylor University, she now has her very own swing designed specifically to meet her needs.
2016 Bailey Family Lecture Video Now Available
We are proud to make a video of the recent Bailey Family Lecture available to you!

The third annual Bill and Roberta Bailey Family Lecture in Christian Ethics was delivered April 21, by L. Gregory Jones, Ph.D. His lecture is titled “It’s Not (Only) About You: Cultures, Institutions, and Forming Virtuous People.”