2014 Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture: Faith and Film
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The Crisis Facing Churches in Iraq and Syria
Efforts to raise awareness of the perilous situation faced by our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as other persecuted peoples in Iraq and Syria have been held on campus in recent days. This resource page covers some of those efforts and supplies links to ways concerned people can help.

Latest Issue of Christian Reflection, Scripture, Now Available Online
The deep wellspring of Christian moral reflection is Scripture. Our contributors explore Christian practices that help us read the Bible in a way that allows it to question our presuppositions and transform our discipleship.

First ID of immigrant remains in Brooks County
Baylor forensic anthropologist and Crane Scholar mentor Dr. Lori Baker and her team reach a milestone with the first identification of an unknown immigrant's body in Brooks County, continuing Baker's efforts to bring closure for families missing loved ones

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