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German Faculty 2016

(L-R) Back row: Dr. Jennifer Good, Dr. Nick Henry, Dr. Andrew Wisely. Front row: Dr. Alex Holznienkemper, Dr. Ann McGlashan, Dr. Janya Martin

Ann McGlashan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director of the Division of German and Russian
Interests: German women writers, the female artist in fin-de-siècle Germany and Austria, and the relationship between women and creativity in general

Andrew C. Wisely, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of German and Director of the Honors Program

Jennifer L. Good, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of German and Associate Director of the University Scholars Program in the Honors College.
Interests:East German (DEFA) film, post-war cultural projects including literature, politics and gender of the Cold War, and German Studies

Nicholas Henry, Ph.D.
Lecturer in German.
Research interests: East German culture and reflections of German culture in popular music

Alex Holznienkemper, Ph.D.
Lecturer in German
Research interests: the image of the witch and scapegoat in German literature, contemporary German culture, and soccer culture and collective identity

Janya Martin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of German
Research Interests: editing of a medical textbook, and a study of Coleridge and the early German Romantics