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Guest Lecture Calendar

GEO 5050 Seminar Schedule, Spring 2014

3:00pm in the BSB E231

January 17
Dr. Yongli Gao, University of Texas at San Antonio
Climate change, paleoecology, and speleology - Interdisciplinary studies of speleothems in the Southern Appalachian karst region

January 24
Dr. Jeffrey Dorale, University of Iowa
Strong contrasts in mid-continental USA flooding regimes between Holocene & pre-Holocene climate states

January 31
Dr. Shirley Dutton, Burau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin
Regional variation in diagenesis and reservoir quality of Lower Tertiary Wilcox Sandstones, Gulf of Mexico

Thursday, February 6 - 7:00 pm, BSB D110 - O.T. Hayward Distinguished Lecture
Dr. Chris Paola, University of Minnesota
Telescoping time: how stratigraphic experiments can help us understand the Earth's sedimentary record

February 7 - O.T. Hayward Distinguished Lecture
Dr. Chris Paola, University of Minnesota
Mass balance effects in predictive stratigraphy

February 14
Dr. Randy Bassett, Principle Geochemist, Tetra Tech

February 21
Capt. Scott Futcher, Eni Petroleum

February 28

March 7

March 14
No 5050, Spring Break

March 21
Dr. Timothy Shanahan, University of Texas at Austin

March 28
Dr. Leah LeVay, International Ocean Discovery Program, Texas A&M
Enhanced calcareous nannoplankton productivity during the middle Miocene ransition in the eastern equatorial Pacific

April 4
Dr. James Farlow, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
Dinosaur footprints and tracksites of the Glen Rose Formation, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Somervell County, Texas

April 11
Dr. Jack Oviatt, Kansas State University
The Gilbert episode in the Bonneville basin: Younger Dryas or not?

April 18
No 5050, Good Friday Holiday

April 25
Dr. Timothy Fischer, Chevron

May 2
Dr. Christopher Junium, Syracuse University
Carbon and nitogen cycling in the Proterozoic: perspectives from the Great Oxidation Event and Neoproterozoic snowball Earth