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Baylor Geological Society

The Baylor Geological Society - Student Chapter of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (BGS-AAPG) is a student-governed society that maintains an active interest in coordinating and participating in events and activities within the Geology Department.


The BGS-AAPG coordinates and hosts the following events:

1. Weekly Brownbag Seminar

This seminar is a weekly event that is designed to allow students, professors and guest lecturers an opportunity to present their research in a relaxed lunchtime atmosphere. Topics range from individuals current research to The Petroleum Industry: Past, Present, and Future´┐Ż to AAPG short courses. This event provides undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to meet and interact with their peers on a biweekly basis.

2. BGS-AAPG Field Trip

The BGS field trip is a local excursion organized by students that highlights research and education that are current focuses within the department.

3. BGS Research Symposium

The research symposium highlights current research conducted by faculty and students. The symposium provides an opportunity for students, faculty and alumni to learn more about departmental research.

For more information on participating in BGS-AAPG activities, or if you would like to become a member, please contact BGS Head-Clod, Kim Kuijper.

News & Events

• For the latest news visit the BGS/AAPG Facebook Page.

2012-2013 Executives:

President/ Head-Clod: Kim Kuijper(

Vice-President/Vice-Clod: Martin Schwed(

Secretary: Nathan Benton (

Treasurer: Garrett Fletcher (

Undergraduate Liaison: Charlie Keracik (

Historian: Drew Futcher (