Baylor University
Department of Geology
College of Arts and Sciences


Four computer laboratories are currently available for student use.

One is located in Room D408 in the Baylor Sciences Building and contains Sun Workstations, 5 high-performance Pentium computers for special applications, and a dedicated server computer attached to a poster plotter.

The Remote Sensing and GIS laboratory is located in Room D405 in the Baylor Sciences Building and contains Windows NT workstations, associated servers and peripheral devices, and is maintained with support from the College of Arts and Sciences IT Services and the Baylor Center for Spatial Research.

Five high-performance computers with dual screens and industry-grade software for analyzing subsurface well log and seismic data are available in the Beaver-Brown Applied Petroleum Studies laboratory in BSB E460R.

A new geophysics laboratory under construction in BSB E453R will consist of six workstations and a dedicated server, with a seismology "data-center" consisting of one large LCD and 20 small LCD screens displaying real-time seismological data associated with NSF Earthscope's Transportable Array (Baylor University is a member of the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS), a consortium of universities that engage in seismology research).

An extensive geology research library is housed in the Jesse Jones Science Library, which carries electronic access to a number of journals.