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Experience the dramatic transformation that the Baylor Geology Department has experienced in establishing a major national and international research presence.

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Baylor Researcher Uncovers Ancient Wildebeest-Like Animal's ‘Strange Adaptation’ Similar to Dinosaur
WACO, Texas (Feb. 4, 2016) – While studying fossilized skulls of Rusingoryx atopocranion, an extinct wildebeest-like animal, unearthed on Kenya’s Rusinga Island, researchers discovered that the mammal had a very unusual, trumpet-like nasal dome similar to lambeosaurine hadrosaur dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous period.

National Parks Traveler: Volcano Forensics At Yellowstone National Park
Jan. 10, 2016
Kenny Befus, Ph.D., assistant professor of geosciences in Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences, was part of the research team that studied the aftermath of volcanic eruptions that occurred millions of years ago in Yellowstone National Park. As part of his dissertation, Befus was able to reconstruct the “eruption that formed Douglas Knob, a lava dome made by the slow effusion of magma,” from deep in the Earth’s crust. By analyzing volcanic rock such as obsidian, Befus works to understand the conditions that caused the magma at Yellowstone to effuse rather than explode. (Tonya Lewis, assistant director of Baylor Media Communications, covers faculty and research in the geosciences department.)