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Experience the dramatic transformation that the Baylor Geology Department has experienced in establishing a major national and international research presence.

Driese, S.G., Nordt, L.C., Waters, M.R., and Keene, J.L., 2013, Analysis of site formation history and potential disturbance of stratigraphic context at the Debra L. Friedkin archaeological site in central Texas, USA: Geoarchaeology, v. 28, p. 221-248.
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Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Mineralogy-Petrology
We seek an individual with research interests in mineralogy, igneous or metamorphic petrology or high-temperature geochemistry who is capable of building a strong, externally funded research program. Research space is available in the 500,000 square foot "state-of-the-art" Baylor Sciences Building. Research equipment current available includes a Siemans D5000 X-ray diffractometer, a Rigaku Primus wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, a Thermo-Finnigan Delta V IRMS and sample preparation facilities including a strong-acid-rated fume hood and high-temperature furnace. A shared ICP-MS instrument is also available, as well as a SEM, TEM, and confocal microscopy in a shared lab facility. We seek an individual with a strong commitment to excellence in teaching, and require that he/she contribute significantly to the undergraduate program, by teaching undergraduate mineralogy and petrology courses, as well as contributing to the graduate (M.S. and Ph.D.) programs in Geology by teaching graduate courses or seminars in his/her areas of specialization

What killed the dinosaurs? Baylor geology researcher part of new study
We’ve all heard that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs. A new study says that’s almost right — but not the complete story. The research, conducted by an international team that included Baylor geology professor Daniel Peppe, says that the asteroid strike was part of a “perfect storm” of events that proved to be the dinos’ […]