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Departmental Services

The HVAC & R Department is composed of certified and/or licensed refrigeration technicians responsible for maintaining and repairs to all of the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration needs of the entire campus facilities. These technicians install and monitor the Campus Energy Management System, which controls the building temperatures, humidity, and air handling units through a computerized system. This department provides the maintenance, repairs, and the installation of the looped campus steam and chilled water equipment. Within this department is a certified refrigeration technician to service the refrigerated equipment located within the campus Food Service and other facilities.

The WELDING shop employs certified welders responsible for providing the repairs and construction of metal products requested by the Facility Services staff and/or campus facilities.

The ELECTRICAL Department consists of licensed electricians who maintain and repair the electrical equipment and systems located in all buildings, classrooms and facilities owned by Baylor University. These electricians support the entire campus, plus provide all services related to the high voltage distribution systems, the installation of new electrical needs, and the maintaining of the exterior lighting for campus safety.

The PLUMBING Department employs licensed plumbers who maintain and repair the plumbing systems and related equipment located in all buildings, and facilities owned by Baylor University. These plumbers service all water and sewer lines, plus the installation of any new plumbing needs requested. This department also provides two certified kitchen technicians to maintain and repair the equipment located in the campus Food Service facilities.

The ZONE MAINTENANCE Department provides a frontline presence to the University. These general technicians are assigned to specific buildings on campus and perform a variety of routine maintenance in those facilities. This includes a range of services such as limited plumbing, electrical, carpentry and other tasks unique to the different campus departments. An important function of the technicians is the identification of problems for the specific trades in the Facility Services plant; therefore resulting in significant reduction of cost and inconvenience associated with the repairs.

The CENTRAL RECEIVING/MOVING AND HAULING Department provides various services, such as the operation of the material supply room at the Facility Services plant, delivery of campus mail, receipt and delivery of most freight ordered by campus departments. They also provide various other services such as setting up for a wide range of university events, delivery of equipment for special events, relocating furniture, office equipment and personal belongings. This department manages campus storage for the university at the plant warehouse and various other locations.

The PAINT Department maintains and provides the painting of common areas, stairwells, general public restrooms, department offices and classrooms, and all exterior painting as requested through work orders. They also provide other related duties within this department such as painting curbs, light poles, handrails, furniture refinishing, wallpapering, and plastering.

The ROOFING Department performs various duties in regards to roofing throughout the campus, such as roof inspections, repairs, and maintaining all roof warranties for Baylor University. The department also provides the maintenance and repairs to the exterior of all buildings in the areas of masonry, caulking, cleaning, sealing, coatings, graffiti removal, gutter repairs, and roof leaks.

The LOCKSMITH SHOP provides the security to all building on the Baylor University Campus in the form of keys and locks. This shop establishes and sets up keys and lock cores for all campus buildings, as well as the maintenance and repairs of electronic & card lock systems. This shop is the sole administrator responsible for the cutting and distribution of keys through the University's key control system.

The GROUNDS MAINTENANCE Department provides the lawn care and landscaping needs pertaining to the campus and Baylor owned facilities. The campus groundskeeper staff provides a complete service, which includes the landscaping designs, planting, lawn sprinkler systems, mowing, and tree trimming.

Our ESTIMATORS participate in the preparation of specifications and cost estimates for the maintenance and modifications of Baylor University Campus facilities. They confer with the requesting departmental officials on the best methods of construction and/or renovation while complying with the campus standards and procedures.

The SPECIAL PROJECT Department provides a team of trained project managers, carpenters and painters that construct and/or renovate within campus facilities. They work with the Baylor A/E Design Department, whom provide them with the certified drawings and designs based on the codes and standards.