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Special Project Services

The Baylor Facility Services Department manages and coordinates the construction, renovation and repair projects of outside subcontractors and our own skilled trade shops. We are to ensure quality construction projects, manage the schedules, budgets, payments, and required testing and inspections related to these projects. In addition, we oversee the subcontractor performance for compliance with construction documents, the approved schedule, quality of workmanship, quality and quantity of materials, and construction industry standards in which they are providing a service. We also have the task of maintaining the BFS project files and records related to those construction projects.

All Qualified Bidders will receive instructions to bid on projects. The instructions include at a minimum:

  1. Work Order #
  2. Project Name
  3. Building Name
  4. Trades Required
  5. Date of Bid Walk-through
  6. Bid Due Date
  7. Project Manager Contact Info