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Campus Utility Tunnel Information

Utility Tunnel Distribution Systems

• Electricity, Chilled Water, and Steam are distributed through a system of tunnels beneath the campus. Cable raceways and pipes in the tunnels transport electricity, chilled water and steam products throughout the main campus.

• The Electrical system raceways will carry high voltages ranging from 7200 volts to 13,000 volts.

• The temperature of the Steam piping can reach temperatures as high as 300° F; therefore, it presents a danger to anyone who is not trained to work in the tunnels.

• The Baylor Facility Services has a policy of never allowing a worker to negotiate within a utility tunnel alone. Only experienced workers may provide maintenance or repair services within a utility tunnel. They must know where the exits are, where the access gates or doors are located, as well as having the proper keys/codes to get through these passages. Anyone not familiar with the tunnels will run the risk of being trapped in a dead-end or a passage blocked by a security gate or door. A person trapped in the tunnel faces serious consequences if a utility failure occurs such as a steam pipe rupturing thus releasing pressurized steam.

• Due to the high security of buildings on campus, the Baylor Facility Services must maintain the locked access gates/doors between the buildings and the tunnels to prevent unauthorized access. If this process is not followed then it will create a dangerous situation for anyone gaining access to the utility tunnels without proper approval. Baylor University and Baylor Facility Services, therefore, prohibits unauthorized persons in the campus utility tunnels.