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Utilities & Energy Management

The word prudent is defined at "careful in providing for the future, provident." The objective of our goal to achieve the "prudent and best use" of earth's resources means the Baylor Family's use of energy and water is characterized by having or showing foresight - providing carefully for the future.

• Baylor University consumes over 123 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. ($9.1 million)
• Baylor University consumes 186,300 million cubic feet of natural gas per year. ($1.4 million)
• Baylor University consumes 387 million gallons of fresh water per year. ($2 million)

The Baylor Family is committed to using resources in a manner that provides carefully for the future. As the operator, maintainer, and innovator for our utility systems, Baylor Facility Services is privileged to provide the talent, expertise, and effort to deliver the prudent and best use of water and energy from facility systems. At the same time, Baylor Facility Services responds to the needs expressed by all of the Baylor Family - students, faculty, staff, employees and administration. So, all of Baylor joins in a partnership with Facility Services as part of an overarching commitment to sustainability.

Baylor encourages the entire campus community to participate in this partnership in the prudent and best use of utilities by adhering to heating and cooling temperature goals, scheduling campus rooms and facilities only for the times actually required for events outside normal times, turning off all lights in unoccupied areas, keeping windows closed, and reporting leaking pipes, faucets and restroom fixtures to the Service Response Center (SRC). An energy management strategic plan has been developed to reduce wasted energy and improve environmental conditions.

Baylor's long-standing commitment to the prudent and best use of utilities has saved and will continue to save valuable natural resources and make dollars more available for Baylor's top priorities.