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Medical Sciences


The Medical Sciences Engaged Learning Group (MSELG) is a multi-disciplinary learning community designed for freshman students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Medical schools prefer an enriched academic program of study and a demonstrated commitment to the profession through student activities and shadowing experiences. Additionally, medical schools seek students with a strong foundation in natural sciences, highly developed communication skills, and a solid background in the social sciences and humanities. The Medical Sciences ELG will afford participating students the means to deepen their comprehension of the medical profession through specialized coursework and events coordinated by the Office of Prehealth Studies. Additionally, the Biology and Chemistry Departments will provide the academic theme, curricular elements, and scientific guidance that are fundamental aspects of this program. The students in the MSELG will have opportunities to engage in medically related extracurricular activities that will prepare them for a dynamic career in medicine. The students in the MSELG will enjoy the support and professional opportunities of provided in this scholarly community.

Students will take Modern Concepts of Bioscience (BIO 1305/1105) and Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry I (CHE 1301/1101) in the fall semester along with Introduction to the Health Professions (PHP 1106), and Modern Concepts of Bioscience, continued (BIO 1306/1106) and Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry II (Che 1302/1102) in the spring along with Foundations of Medicine (PHP 1105). Special sections of these classes will be reserved for the students in this ELG. All students will live in the Kokernot Residence Hall and have access to programming and events specifically designed to enhance their freshman premedical experience.

Applicants for the Medical Sciences ELG should meet the minimum standard scores: SAT 1250 (650 math) or ACT 28 (composite and math).

Directors: and

Faculty Partners: David Pennington (Chemistry & Biochemistry), and Marcie Moehnke (Genetics)