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Scriptures and Heritage


The Scriptures and Heritage ELG is designed specifically for incoming freshmen majoring or minoring in religion. The two courses offered through this ELG will be Christian Scriptures (REL1310) and Christian Heritage (REL1350). Each semester is a three hour course. These courses are the gateway courses for all religion majors and minors before taking upper level classes in the Department of Religion.

The Scriptures and Heritage ELG applies the concepts of a living and learning environment to the religion major’s freshman year by enhancing the experience in the initial religion courses with an intentional community experience outside the course. The following is a list of the advantages offered in the Scriptures and Heritage ELG:

  • Initial Scriptures and Heritage courses customized to prepare religion majors or minors for upper level courses in their major

  • Guaranteed housing in a dorm designed for Engaged Learning Groups where the interaction of the classroom naturally flows into the rhythms of community life

  • Incorporation of the New Student experience into the first semester Christian Scriptures course

  • Opportunities for social and academic interaction with the faculty outside of class

  • Extra resources to enhance the active learning experiences of the classroom and experiential educational opportunities outside the classroom


Faculty Partners: Doug Weaver (Director of Undergraduate Studies)