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Types of Services

We provide short-term individual and couples counseling, as well as psychiatric and dietitian services and appropriate referrals to the community.

Initial Assessments: Students who are coming to the counseling center for the first time must have an initial assessment using our Walk-In Clinic.

Individual Counseling: We primarily see students on an individual basis to address a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, academic problems, coping with loss, and eating disorders to only mention a few. Counseling sessions are typically once per week for 50 minutes, although other arrangements can be made. Individual counseling services include initial evaluation and assessment, intervention, treatment planning, and short-term psychotherapy.

Let's Talk: Let’s Talk is a walk-in, no appointment, consultation service for our students. Students can informally meet with a consultant on issues they have been thinking about for a while and could really use an objective opinion? Perhaps your roommate is too noisy or you feel homesick. At Let’s Talk students can find a safe place where they can talk to a consultant about things that might be bothering them. It’s an informal setting, with no appointment or commitment to ongoing therapy. Services are free and confidential. The Let’s Talk sites are staffed by psychologists from the BUCC. Services are free and confidential, and students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis.

Groups: Groups provide a great opportunity to gain support and to learn from others in the group, to realize others struggle with similar issues, and to work on relational issues in a safe environment. Some issues are ideal for a group or clinic setting. Groups are open to undergraduate and graduate students at BU. A variety of groups are being offered at the Counseling Center. Follow this link for a complete listing of our available Groups

Groups 2015-2016

Crisis Management: Students who are in crisis have access to the counseling center during business hours and also non-business hours. A student in crisis can walk-in to the counseling center any time during business hours, fill out paperwork and have a counselor assess their level of crisis and intervene in helping the student resolve the crisis the crisis. During non-business hours and weekends, students can call the counseling center and be referred to the answering service and the student will be able to talk to a counselor by phone.

Couples Counseling: Students are eligible for couples counseling provided that at least one person in the couple is a Baylor student and has paid the student services fee. Dealing more effectively with conflict, family issues, adjusting to marriage, and other concerns can greatly improve a relationship.

Addictive Behavior Specialist Don Arterburn, a licensed addiction behavior specialist sees students individually for various types of addiction issues: substance, pornography, gaming, gambling to name a few. He also leads a Recovery Therapy Group for students.

Dietitian Services: Regina Mastin, a licensed and registered dietitian, provides medical nutrition therapy for students. Nutrition counseling includes an assessment of current nutritional status, evaluation of current dietary intake, need for dietary modifications and education on appropriate diet. Students who have nutrition related diagnoses such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, anemia, gastrointestinal disorders, high cholesterol or high blood pressure may benefit from nutrition counseling. Students who struggle with disordered eating may also benefit from nutritional counseling.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Case Management Services: Teran Yaklin, a licensed clinical social worker/case manager, is available for students who need referrals to the outside community. She is able to explain, walk them through the referrals and find a community psychiatrist, therapist or other services that might best fit the needs of the student. She also is involved with out Crisis Management Services.

Referral Services: Because of the short-term nature of our services we may make appropriate referrals to mental health professionals in the community. Students whose concerns require more intensive services or specialized services not available at BUCC may be referred to other professionals or agencies in the community.

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