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Church State Links
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Church State Links

Here is your point of access to a number of church-state resources available on the Internet. The first link provides access to a number of organizations or web sites that maintain an interest in church and state and/or religion and politics. The list is arranged alphabetically and includes both "liberal" and "conservative," "separationist" and "accomodationist" organizations. The second page provides links to primary and secondary source material related to church-state matters available on the Internet. In addition, the page is organized chronologically in an outline format. The last page presently provides links to US Supreme Court Decisions that pertain to religious liberty and the establishment of religion, categorized by subject. This is an ongoing project within which the links and source materials are far from complete.

These links are provided primarily as a service to the Internet community. As such, the fact that a site appears on these pages does not necessairly imply that it is endorsed by the J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies or Baylor University. Although efforts have been made to ensure the fidelity of Internet sources to the original documents, the J.M. Dawson Institute is not responsible for those sites created and archived by other people or institutions. If you should encounter any "dead end" links, or if you know of other organizations or resources that might be a valuable addition to these pages, please email: Your suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

A large collection of articles, letters, memoranda, and legal briefs were recently digitized and made available in the Church-State Digital Research File. This collection can be found here.