Residence Hall Contract
Copies of the current one-year and two-year housing contract are available here.

Information on how to cancel your application for incoming freshmen as well as the criteria for continuing students to cancel their Occupancy License.

Charges and Fines
We strive to maintain our living areas at the highest levels of functionality and cleanliness as possible. Routine maintenance expenses are a planned function of any residence hall. However, accidental or intentional damages results in higher semester costs for all students. This section includes a list of charges/fines for many of the common damages in a residence hall as well as fines for processes that students may fail to follow.

Residency Requirement
Baylor University has an on-campus residency requirement for all incoming first-year students. Check here to see criteria for exemption, forms, and other pertinent information.

Temporary Room Placement
During times of escalating freshmen enrollment and increased upper-division student interest in living on-campus, Campus Living & Learning utilizes an "expanded occupancy and temporary housing" plan to accommodate as many students as possible. Look here for details about this process and a list of frequently asked questions.

Room Change Request Form
For students currently living on campus who want to request a room change at the semester break (between Fall and Spring semesters).

Community Guidelines
Living in community often means that there are certain rules, policies, and procedures individuals must be aware of and abide. It is imperative that every residential student be fully informed about the policy and procedures of Campus Living & Learning.