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Stained Glass Windows

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This sanctuary is the gift of "Uncle Bill" and Mary Jo Robbins of Houston, Texas, and it has been carefully designed under their guidance as a theological and artistic complement to the mission of Baylor University, specifically to the spiritual life of the ‘living and learning' community which is Brooks Residential College.

Of particular interest is the stained glass program in the windows of Robbins Chapel. These beautiful windows are the product of the studio of Willet and Hauser, the artisans whose windows adorn the Armstrong Browning Library and the chapel of George W. Truett Theological Seminary. Mr. Crosby Willet in particular has worked closely with the Robbins, as well as with Baylor faculty and staff, to achieve what we believe will be art of enduring value, a reminder of the beauty of holiness and the joy of excellence in all things offered ad maiorem gloriam Dei - to the greater glory of God.

To view the windows in their complete schema, we recommend that you begin with the first window on the right hand wall (Wisdom), then proceed down the right side, across the chapel to the rear left window (Justice), then forward along the left side of the chapel. From there, move to consider the chancel's Trinity windows. As you turn to leave Robbins Chapel, cast your eyes up to the rose window. The links below are ordered as described above to allow you to "walk" through Robbins Chapel, learn more about each window, and the "conversation" between the windows.

Intellectual Virtues

Theological & Moral Virtues

Chancel Windows

Rose Window