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Room Options & Rates

The student rooms of Brooks College are available in two basic floor plans with double or single occupancy. All student rooms in the college have a bathroom and closet area and contain movable furniture with beds, dressers, and desks.3D floor Plan

The most common room configuration in the college is suite-style and contains two rooms. The suite-style rooms are available for double occupancy, or four students for two rooms. The other room configuration option is the single room and is available for single or double occupancy. The single occupancy rooms are reserved for the upper-division students of the college.

Room Rates

Rates are available on the Campus Living & Learning website.

Room Type Options




Private Bath

Private Bath

Shared Bath

Sample Room Dimensions

Although we are unable to provide exact room dimensions for each room of Brooks College, below are measurements from two sample rooms. Please bear in mind that this is only a sample and rooms vary based on location in the building and due to architectural details.

Double Private Bath: 13'x 11'
Double Shared Bath: 14'x 11'

For information about the room options and rates for Brooks Flats, a seperate apartment-style community for upper-division students, please visit the Brooks Flats webpage.