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About Us

UrnSamuel Palmer Brooks is the namesake of Brooks College and Brooks Flats. Brooks was the seventh president of Baylor University, serving from 1902 until his death in 1931. President Brooks had a tremendous impact on Baylor University which is evidenced in his biography and stories about the man students dubbed "Prexy." Indeed, Baylor University has a long history of naming residential facilities after President Brooks. In 1907 S.P. Brooks Hall on Fifth Street opened and fifteen years later the female dormitory was renamed the Burleson Annex, only to be later renamed Harrington Hall. The name change was due to the new men's dormitory being named after S.P. Brooks in 1923. S.P. Brooks Hall on Dutton Avenue bore that name and purpose until it was razed eighty-five years later in 2006.

Samuel Palmer Brooks
Seventeen days after President O.H. Cooper resigned, the University's trustees offered the position to Samuel Palmer Brooks...

Stories of S.P. Brooks
He stood head and shoulders above the limitations of reality and took the long look, dreaming visions of what could be. S.P. Brooks was often quoted and remembered for encouraging students to "take the long look" into their futures...

Brooks Hall 1907-1923
Completed in 1907, the first residence hall on Baylor University's campus to be named in honor of President Samuel Palmer Brooks was located on Fifth Street...

Brooks Hall 1923-2006
The building which stood at 600 Dutton Avenue was the second residence hall on the Baylor University campus to bear the name of the seventh president of Baylor University...

Inspiration for Brooks College
View photos of the residential colleges which served as an inspiration for Brooks Residential College.