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Great Hall Portrait


As part of their legacy, members of the College periodically select someone who has made a significant contribution to the College and add his or her portrait to the Great Hall. The inaugural painting is a historic life-sized portrait of Samuel Palmer Brooks.

The irrefutable attributes of Brooks' character and contributions to Baylor were the theme of the dedication of the portrait in 1925. The following is taken from the program:

"The feeling grew among the dormitory men that the furnishings of the Club Room in a building named in honor of their beloved "Prexy" would be incomplete without his picture. Someone suggested the name of Mr. H.C. Spencer, who was a former dormitory man and a young artist of exceptional ability. Thus, as a result of the deep love and respect of the dormitory men for President Brooks and of a labor of love on the part of the artist, a portrait of our president, which is a work of art as well as an evidence of democratic homage, has come in to being. This portrait will hang in the Club Room of Brooks Hall and will perpetuate for all future generations of dormitory men the influence of one who is the embodiment of the highest type of manhood."

The portrait hung in that location until a renovation of Brooks Hall in 1987, whereupon the portrait was moved to the Texas Collection in the Carroll Library. The historic painting is on permanent loan from the Texas Collection and is a focal point of the Great Hall of Brooks College.

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