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The Great Hall at Christ Church

Christ Church great hall

Great Hall

The breaking of bread together is the most universal human experience of community and one of the oldest traditions of the Christian church. To enjoy the company of others around the dining table is thus not only natural, but indeed indispensable for residential colleges.

Great Hall Full

The Great Hall is a 400-seat dining room which offers full meal service to the students, staff, and faculty of the college and it is open to the entire Baylor community throughout the week. A highlight of each week during term is the Sunday evening community dinner, which is open only to members of the College. Served family- or community-style, the Sunday meal enables Brooks College residents to develop and deepen the unique sense of community that defines life together.

This beautifully appointed room is inspired by, among other notable great halls, the Great Hall of Christ Church at Oxford where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. The Great Hall has two-story ceilings featuring large windows that offer views of the bell tower of Pat Neff Hall, the historic spires of Old Main and Burleson Halls, and Minglewood Bowl. The Great Hall is the location of a historic Samuel Palmer Brooks Portrait and future portraits of people who have made significant contributions to the college or society.

Great Hall Set for Dinner