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Academic Walkway

The Brooks Academic Walkway has ten inspiring and intellectually provocative quotes that move chronologically from ancient, beginning near the college, to modern at the flats. This progression is symbolic of the broad outlook of S. P. Brooks when he encouraged Baylor students to understand the past yet always look toward the future.


A scripture verse serves as an exclamation point to the entire academic walkway, which culminates under the arch at the gateway to the Centennial Bridge. The verse reminds us of God’s gift of the mind and God’s call for us to nurture and use it. Moreover, the walkway symbolizes Baylor’s hope that students will understand this gift and use it to foster a more humane and just world.

During the spring of 2006, students, staff, and faculty were invited to submit quotes for consideration. Numerous focus groups were held and after much debate the ten quotations now inscribed in stone were selected for the Brooks Academic Walkway.

One vacant stone remains near the end of the walkway. While the college's governing board and trustees may take different steps in the future, our commitment currently is to leave the final stone empty until 2033. At that time, the college's first seniors in the class of 2012 will reach their twenty-fifth graduation anniversary. Through a selection process involving the cumulative, twenty-five-year membership of the college, a fitting twenty-first-century quotation that is emblematic of the college's aspirations will be identified and inscribed in the final space of the academic walkway.

Read the Walkway Quotes.

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