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College Council

The Brooks College Council is an organic, yet organized, association of student leaders who seek to maximize the residential college experience by creating a sense of tradition, identity, and value within the community of Brooks College.

Overview of Offices & Positions


The president leads the meetings of the Governing Board, works with the other officers to create a yearly vision for the College, and acts as a liaison between Brooks College and the rest of the Baylor community. The president’s function as the highest elected officer of the college membership calls for a knowledge of and commitment to the college’s tradition, capacity for developing an ambitious and well-received annual vision, the cultivation and encouragement of others’ active involvement in college life, and leadership by example.
Chelsea Lee, Torchbearer

Vice President
The vice president coordinates and handles all internal Brooks College affairs and acts as the direct report for the committee co-chairs. The vice president works closely and collaboratively with the president to ensure that the college’s traditions and aspirations are fulfilled in a manner that invites college members’ enthusiasm and pride. In the president’s absence, the vice president assumes the responsibilities of the president.
Zeb White, Junior

The secretary-treasurer is in charge of all accounting and finances for the annual Brooks College Council operating budget. The Faculty Master gives final approval for the operating budget. As Secretary-Treasurer, they work closely with the college’s administrative assistant to ensure that expenditures follow university policies and they also record the minutes of College Council meetings, handle official correspondence, and help coordinate print and electronic news publications pertaining to college life.
Alicia Magee, Junior

Arts and Academics Committee
The chair leads the committee’s efforts to promote learning among members of the college, works with the Faculty Master to capitalize on the learning potential provided by visitors to the college, and arranges peer mentoring. The committee also helps organize periodic common readings for the college, assists the Faculty Master with Master's Teas, and oversees other academic efforts in the college.
Mark Jablinski, Chair, Torchbearer

Community and Traditions Committee
The chair leads the committee’s efforts to promote the social interaction and engagement of the members of Brooks College. The committee is responsible for organizing social events and encouraging involvement in the traditions of the college. Among other things, the committee oversees the Community Dinner organization and program, sustains old traditions (e.g. annual tree-planting ceremony in honor of S. P. Brooks) and creates new ones (e.g., Christmas at Brooks), and records the history of the college.
Olivia Worsham, Chair, Sophomore

Service and Ministry Committee
The chair leads the committee’s efforts to help the Resident Chaplain promote student exploration of their faith and religious beliefs while providing opportunities for members of the college to serve in the community. The committee takes an active role in supporting morning and evening prayer services in Robbins Chapel, organizing special chapel programs (e.g. during Advent and Holy Week), and in identifying and meeting needs for pastoral care of college members.
Andrew Eastwood, Chair, Sophomore

Student Webmaster
The student webmaster is responsible for maintaining the online presence of Brooks College. The website must provide an accurate, positive, and professional portrayal of the residential community in accordance with Baylor University policy. The website is a valuable resource as it offers a wide variety of information and tools such as history about the college, current leadership and support, building information, image galleries, application portals, etc.
Ryan Malthaner, Torchbearer