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High Table

High table guests 2The High Table is a prominent, elevated table in the Great Hall reserved for esteemed guests of the College along with students of the College who are singled out for special recognition. Ordinarily, the High Table is reserved for use during the College's weekly community dinner. Dining at High Table is a distinct privilege that comes by invitation from the Faculty Master, who with other members of the College's professional leadership generally act as hosts for all gathered together for dinner.

Through its High Table, Brooks College embraces the practice of recognizing its accomplished members and distinguished guests by according to them a seat of honor. To recognize achievement, to honor distinction, and to cherish success-particularly the kinds that embody the apogee of Christian intellectual and spiritual life-gives concrete form to the ideals to which we aspire. It also represents a fine way of celebrating and encouraging one another, activities that no good community can do without.