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Weekly Traditions

Sunday Night Community Dinner

The breaking of bread together is the most universal human experience of community and one of the oldest traditions of the Christian church. Every Sunday evening there is a community dinner intended especially for members of the College. This special meal stands at the heart of our residential college life, and it is served family or community style, in order to help students, staff, and faculty to develop and to experience a deeper sense of community and mutual interdependence. Residents of the college, regardless of classification, are required to have a meal plan to facilitate this communal aspect of the collegiate experience. Click Here to learn more about the Great Hall.

The High Table

The High Table is a prominent, elevated table in the Great Hall reserved for esteemed guests of the College along with students of the College who are singled out for special recognition. Ordinarily, the High Table is reserved for use during the College's weekly community dinner. Dining at High Table is a distinct privilege that comes by invitation from the Faculty Steward, who with other members of the College's professional leadership generally act as hosts for all gathered together for dinner.

The College Grace

The college grace acknowledges God's gifts, seeks the Lord's continued blessing, and in hope longs for the peace made possible through Jesus Christ. It is the traditional prayer offered each Sunday evening before the college dinner. Ordinarily, grace is led by the college master, though on special occasions other members or gusts of the college may offer the prayer.

For hundreds of years, the members of colleges around the world, but especially in Oxford and Cambridge, have acknowledged God's beneficent care through formally offered prayer at the beginning of common meals. In Reginald H. Adams's fine book, The College Graces of Oxford and Cambridge, a wide range of traditional prayers are surveyed, typically both in their Latin original as well as English translation.

While the members of Brooks College generally hear the college grace offered in English, Dr. Junius Johnson, a Faculty Partner at Brooks College, has rendered it in splendid Latin form and on occasion the college asks the Lord's blessing in the Latin tongue used by Christians for two millennia.

In English:
Gracious Father, who out of bounty and love meets all of our truest needs: grant to us worthiness of character, strength of mind, and godliness of heart, that we who receive this meal and all your gifts may use them rightly to your glory, and be brought thereby into the fullness of your peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

In Latin:
Pie pater, qui e copiis caritateque omnes nostros verissimos usus suppeditat, da nobis morium dignitatem, mentis vim, et cordis pietatem ut nos qui has epulas ac omnia tua dona accipimus digne ad gloriam tuam illis utamur atque per haec in pacis tuae plenitudinem feramur, per Dominum nostrum Iesum Christum. Amen.

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Tuesday Tea

Every Tuesday at 4pm, the community gathers in the Faculty Steward Residence for Tea and snacks. A faculty guest leads a short discussion on a topic of their choosing and this is a great opportunity for members of the college to meet other faculty at Baylor and learn from each other each week.

Open Door Night

Floor community is another important factor in the success of our college members. Each Thursday night at 9pm, Community Leaders plan fun and social events for the members on their halls. Everyone is invited to take a break from studying and get to know their neighbors and floor-mates on a deeper level.