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The sense of tradition in Brooks College springs from its tie to Baylor history. The namesake of the College played a pivotal role in the history of Baylor and many of the traditions of Brooks College honor S.P. Brooks. Some old traditions of Brooks Hall and lost traditions of Baylor are being renewed, while new traditions are created and popular Baylor traditions are embraced.

Poem Composed for 2009 Tree-Planting Ceremony


Where do I find myself on such a day?
The roots of time are to be planted again.
We give a form to lore in such a way,
Care, call, and concern – we must not refrain.
The bright image of hope gleams in our eyes;
A gift worth more than anyone could know.
Marvels like this are certainly his guise,
Mind, body, and soul – wait, he will bestow.
As we are backed by a force so divine,
So too, must we back what we can control.
Our pure intent is meant to define, design.
Place parts to see the masterpiece whole.
But I digress so just stop, look and see,
There is much more to it than just a tree.


Poem Composed for 2008 Tree-Planting Ceremony

I long for the day that my soul may find its place.
Grown roots I have not, for I am constantly at pace.
To find out what I can be and by what means,
I want to flourish under different circumstances.

Yet, I look at the plant before me and wonder,
It cannot know what will become of it.
With decided nurturing and governed condition,
Its predictable path glorifies the effort put before it.

Maybe I have already planted myself,
My gardener is no longer a stranger.