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Brooks Hall 1907-1923

Razed 1974
Old BaylorHarrington Hall Location

Completed in 1907, the first residence hall on Baylor University's campus to be named in honor of President Samuel Palmer Brooks was located on Fifth Street. The building sat between and to the back of Georgia Burleson Hall and the Old Main Building with the front of S.P. Brooks Hall forming a corridor between the two buildings. The women's residence hall was renamed the Burleson Annex when the new men's dormitory at 600 Dutton Avenue was named S.P. Brooks Hall in 1923 by the Baylor Board of Trustees. The Burleson Annex was renovated and then renamed Harrington Hall in 1945. Harrington Hall was razed in 1974 to make way for the Draper Academic Building. The building served as a women's dormitory, office building, and faculty rooming house, among other uses, during its sixty-seven year history.