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Community Covenant

During the Summer and Fall of 2007, a Community Covenant which captures the essence of what it means to be a member of Brooks College was developed under the leadership of the College Council.

On Sunday, October 27, 2007, with a bit of real pomp and circumstance, and with a sense of a lasting legacy to leave for generations of Prexians to come, all those gathered for the college dinner were invited to sign a specially commissioned, calligraphic rendering of the covenant. The original Brooks College Community Covenant proudly hangs at the entry into the Junior Common Room.

Each year's residential membership in the college is invited to sign their own facsimile of the original document in our annual re-covenanting ceremony, held during a Sunday dinner close in proximity to October 27.


Brooks College Community Covenant

We, the members of Brooks College, seek to live meaningful lives by learning to know and love our Creator, ourselves, and our community. We unite ourselves in the pursuit of intellectual, moral, and spiritual excellence, and we pledge to honor the foundational Christian faith of this institution. We cherish life as a gift and sacred stewardship, and we accept the duty to nurture self-understanding, personal integrity, and authenticity in all that we do. We commit ourselves to the ideal of charity, embracing the responsibilities of life together, offering service without expectation of return, remaining loyal amidst difficulty, and upholding the traditions of our college and university.