J-1 Extensions
If the sponsoring department wishes to extend the J-1 scholar's appointment/affiliation with Baylor University, they must complete a new Visiting Scientist/Scholar Agreement in the Office of the Vice Provost for Research for any scholar with outside funding or receiving some Baylor funding. Temporary, full-time scholars contracted with Baylor are exempt. The Visiting Scientist/Scholar Agreement must be approved before ISSS can extend the DS-2019. Notice should be given at least six weeks before the current J-1 status expires (section 3 of Form DS-2019).

Keep in mind that the same criteria required for the initial appointment must be maintained or met in order to extend the appointment.

To process a J-1 extension, ISSS will need the following documentation:

  1. A new, signed and approved Visiting Scholar Agreement
  2. A letter from the sponsoring professor requesting an extension, including:
    • The J-1 Exchange Visitor's BU ID
    • The specific dates of the extension
    • The specific amount of university funding, if applicable
    • If insurance benefits are included

  3. Verification of the amount and source of funding if scholar does not have Baylor funding.
  4. Verification Baylor's J-1 health insurance coverage for the scholar and their dependents.
  5. Copies of passport, I-94 and current DS-2019.

Note: J-1 Exchange Visitors may only extend their program within the maximum time allowed.

J-1 Category (Indicated on Section 4 of the DS-2019) Maximum Program Duration
Short-term Scholar 6 months
Research Scholar or Professor 5 years